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So...i'm looking to dual boot a Mac OS (Leopard I guess, but maybe Tiger if that's easier or more feasible) and Win7 on my laptop. i'm pretty sure my specs are fine to do it but the problem i'm having is what I'll need and where the best instructions are. So, on to questions!

1.) Instructions. I don't have DVDs so I'd like instructions on booting from a flash drive if thats possible.

2.) What OS image do I need? Just a retail image or a modified one?

3.) Do I HAVE to format the thumb stick on a mac?


I'm not asking you guys to write instructions for me (i'm not that much of a noob) I'm just asking you to throw me some links so I'm going in the right direction. It'd be really great if you could post some links and then I'll review them and ask any further questions. My buddy and I are going to try to get this **** up and running Thursday night. So I'm trying to do the prep work before then.


Muchas gracias mi amigos.

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