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Need Help on Picking a p55 board/components for G4 Mod


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I have watched countless videos and read countless posts about modding a G4 Tower to a hackintosh. I am still left with many questions :thumbsup_anim:


I have a quicksilver 867 that i have used consistently for many years. Right now it's as loud as a vacuum cleaner and is relegated to the living room as a quick browser computer. It used to be my primary computer until january 2008 when i purchased a 15.4" Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz macbook pro with nvidia graphics. My macbook isn't doing it for me and i miss having a powerfull desktop as a centre for everything. Now i want to mod my Quicksilver but am cautious about tearing it up so instead i have received a G4/400 computer from my mac repair shop that they were just going to recycle he' going to try and get me some quicksilver boxes as well. I also have a 17" studio display that i will probably buy the adapter from apple to get it working with the new rig.


Every board i have seen in the hacks seem to be a core 2 capable board. I have decided i will probably stick with Gigabyte boards and am really confused as to what to use. I have available at my local pc parts shop a GA-H55M-S2H board that seems to be the closest. Will this fit in the case and allow it to close with an optical drive? (i guess i'll have to replace it with a shorter sata drive) I don't mind ordering stuff online if i'm sure that everything will fit.


And when it comes to the graphics cards i'm totally lost for some reason i'm getting sql server errors when attempting to check the database on this site.


Would there be a bit difference in performance between a core 2 quad and an i5 or i7 quad?


Some suggestions on components that are currently available would be really helpfull. I'm going to go for a 500 watt power supply something that matches the look of the original in the powermac so the rear casing doesn't need to be modified a lot. And how important is it to put exhaust fans in the system and tear up the case? I don't like the look of putting fans on the top of the case. And no glowing stuff other than the power led.




If this build works on the G4/400 case i got for free i will then fine tune what i learned and do up my quicksilver case.

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I have just started a G4 mod and I am currently at the stage of finishing the motherboard mounting.


I have purchased these parts so far if it helps you:


MB: Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 - (Its a mATX board that fits well and has good compatibility with the OSX86 project)

GFX: XFX GTX 260 896MB Dual DVI - (I mainly wanted the Dual DVI.)

DVD: Pioneer DVR-TS08 - (No idea if this works, however its a Slim slot loading drive with SATA connectivity.)


Future design thoughts:

CPU: Intel i5 Quad core - (Not sure I need the i7 power)

CPU Cooler: Corsair H50 all in one water cooler - (With the PSU mounted in the same place, seems space is very tight for any CPU air coolers. Having the radiator shifted off to the side, I thought might solve this.)

PSU: Corsair HX650w - (Seems to have a 60cm power lead, which may be needed to run the extra length to the ATX socket. Still might need an extension though.)


I will be investigating installing the DVD on its side against the back wall and redesigning the front, not sure on this yet.


Good luck with your build.


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That sounds kind of like what i would probably be doing. I have a sacrificial G4 case that has the IO port screwed in so that came out SUPER CLEANLY and i just got the larger motherboard standoffs from the local computer shop from their parts bins. I tried fitting in a regular MATX Board just to see how it would line up. I would loose part of the audio ports but who cares since i have a USB based speaker system.


What i did find though is that the memory modules hit the drive bay :( and there are no ultra low profile ddr3 chips available. As it stands now i will have to loose the drive :(


I hear that the old LGA 775 boards come in a shorter depth of only 19 cm as opposed to the 24 cm of the newer boards.

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Update on what i've found. I think i have decided to go with a GA-H55M-S2H board since it seems to the one that i could most likely get to clear the drive bay and still put in a Core i5 or i7 processor. And if i totally have to i'll just run an external drive.


I hear the LG Drives are the shortest will they work okay?


I would also put in my M-Audio Audiophile Delta 2496 midi and audio card in my hackintosh :D i found out it works!

And I would also want to put in a firewire card as well.


Still totally lost on the video card.

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I hear the LG Drives are the shortest will they work okay?


I think I read on the tonymacx86 forum that the LG drives are no good.


Everyone seems to be going with SONY. Though not many, if any are installing them in G4 cases.


I going down the slim slot loading drive option, however this requires a lot more metal work to be done on the front of the case.

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It's not worth it to hassle with the drive. I'm going to get an external desktop 22x drive or something like a lacie. I'm going to cut out the rest of that drive bracket. Now i don't need to worry about the length of the case or the ram slots or anything else. What is the best p55 based board available?

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What is the best p55 based board available?


The one I got :rolleyes:

It seems all of them are fine, the ones with the 889a audio codec are just more compatible with vanilla OSX.


This is a cut and paste from a forum post:


To get the most vanilla solution:

1. Gigabyte P55 Motherboard with a 889a codec.

GA-P55-UD4P, GA-P55-UD5, GA-P55-UD6, GA-P55-UD6-C or GA-P55M-UD4. Most of them are hard to find having be replaced by versions with 889 codecs. But it pays to hunt any of them down.

2. NVIDIA 9800GT video card. Works out of the box with no issues. The ATI 4850 works but is finicky to setup as you read. As for performance I can't advise.

3. Power Supply go with at least a 500W supply.

4. For memory the stock speed is DDR3-1333, but you can take advantage of DDR3-1600 and it's extra speed.

5. If you want to over clock which the i5-750 is great at, go with a good aftermarket cooler.

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