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external displays for my hp mini 110 1033CL


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okay so i installed ideneb 1.3 on my hp mini did it flawlessly okay im kinda a noob but i got two PROBLEMS okay one problem is i get a kernal panic every 24 hours its no big deal but its kinda a pain does anyone know how to fix that? and my other main problem is i want to buy another monitor so i can have a big screen MAC :) ha anyways everytime i plug in my moms, my freinds, my neighbors monitor it goes completely hay wire! i get crazy lines and stuff random colors and its flashes and does where stuff! well today i went over to my neighbors house and plugged his HP monitor in well it came right up well so i clicked mirror display and then it went goo goo gaga on me :thumbsup_anim: could someone help me PLEASE my mac is almost done!!!


and does anyone know how to get the mic and bluetooth to work?


i got ethernet to work :) HAHA

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