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Hi Insanelymac'ers,


If you wanna skip the background story {censored}, just start reading after the section with the red text.


Okay, so i am soon to buy a new computer. i have a bit influence about the hardware, but i want it as cheap as possible so, i'm not going to spend a lot on changing one of the parts.

I expect the computer to be in my possesion in a few weaks (hopefully 1 or 2) and i got some stuff i'm interested to know some about.

I might add some more questions as they occur.


Question 1: Can (including, but not limited to, some kind of modification of) Snow Leopard run on both AMD and Intel Processors?


Question 2: Does it support up to 8 GB of ram?


Question 3: Does it support 64 bit?


Question 4: Can i install it on a partition, where i already got windows 7?


Question 4½: Can windows 7 stay the primary part? and am i able to skip the place to choose which os to boot in? (so i gotta press a key, or hold a key down, to boot into OSX)


Question 5: Does the Mac part support all native Mac software? (or most of it atleast)


Question 6: is it easy to uninstall OSX (if it does not work as hoped) and regain the partition to my windows part?


Question 7: is 200 GB enough for the OSX partition?


Question 8: Is quad-core processor supported?


Final Question: as i do not have access to PirateBay (hope i don't break any forum rules), can some1 point me in the direction of a kind of universally guide i can use, which does not include downloading something from piratebay? (Note that i can download torrents, it's only piratebay which is closed where i live :C )


Hope that was all, and the best regards to all of you :)



P.S. (Post Scriptum) if some of the following stuff is not supported, please be kind to say if OSX is still fully functional!

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