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dell inspiron e1705 display looks weird...


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hi! here's my problem.


I have a working 10.5.8 installation in my inspiron e1705. I have a geForce go 7900 GTX 512 MB, which seems to be fully working, 3D acceleration and all. Everything runs very smoothly, but I have a strange problem with my internal display. It is a WUXGA UltraSharp, 1920x1200 screen. The problem is that images (especially subtle gradients) look as if the display was set to a low bit depth, like 16 bit. I made sure the Displays section of System Preferences says "Millions" of colors (which has to be either 24 bit or 32 bit).


To give you an idea, the gray gradient in the window titles in OSX look "stepped", as if the screen was not able to display many colors. When I calibrate the display, adjusting the gamma, the gradient "steps" shift rapidly, kinda like flowing ripples in a liquid.


It's very hard to explain in words, especially as i'm not a native english speaker. But there's another thing... When I take a screenshot of the desktop in mac and I see that same screenshot under Windows or Linux in the same computer, the gradients look all nice and smooth and the steps are gone :S


So, I'm very confused. Is there a problem with the compatibility of my display with OSX, or something?


Thanks for any info. Cheers!


[EDIT] I figured this was a post-installation issue, so I posted here as well. Sorry for the mixup.

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