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Is the iPad a gaming device?


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Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, has come forward and pretty much denounced the iPad as a mobile gaming peripheral. Truth be told, he doesn't think it's a danger to Nintendo, or any of the company's gaming units. While we think the Nintendo DS, DSi, and DSi XL are great devices, we think it's a bit too arrogant to just count Apple out altogether.


300,000 iPod Touch/iPhone games were available by the end of last year, and that amounted to about $500 million in revenue for Apple. That's just in addition to the purchase price of those mobile units, on top of the other applications that people were buying. But, we digress, and that's not really the point.


The mobile gaming is the focus. Do you think the iPad is a contender, especially when put in the ring against Nintendo and Sony?


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