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Please help me: how to edit ati4800 kext with dev id

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hi all,


sorry for being a noob, but i'm new in the mac world



im trying to get ati 4850 1GB installed under snowleopard

what program do i need,how to find my dev-id, and where do i add/edit




please guys as i am really stuck..


10 years in windows and is all different here.


will really appreciate any help




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some updates folks,


I managed to find some info reg my spec card:

(PCI Device 1002-9442 / 1787-2266 (Rev 00); Chip Type ATI display adapter (0x9442)


i suspect 0x9442 is my dev id ?



i went and bought PlistEdit Pro so i can edit the plist and enter my dev-id


At the moment i only have 3 patched Ati related kexts on my S/L/E






i found all these patched versions here where people said will work on my card.

in fact i had to delete all other ati files and insert these so i can boot in normal mode



ofcourse i am now stucked in 1024x768 fixed mode and without qe/ci



i need to now which of these 3 kexts needs editing, and blind me i tried opening one just for test and i saw so many strings and keys, do i need to start a new key/string? if not which one do i edit..?




thanks in advance

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