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1280x800 on GeForce Go 6100

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I managed to install 10.6.4 on my laptop and it works very well. But, I only manage to get 1024x768 and native resolution is 1280x800 so the picture is streched and fuzzy.


While I still had 10.6.0 I managed to install MacVidia 1.0.7 and it worked fine (I got the native resolution) but without hardware acceleration.


After installing 10.6.4 I got kernel panic so I removed the driver. Then I installed it again but instead of kernel panic I got some weird stuff on my monitor. The picture was moved and interlaced and the system thought that I had two monitors connected. What was happening was that the picture from 'two' monitors was displayed on my single one. Later I got the screen turn all white or black on me.


As I have {censored} graphics card I most probably won't be able to get hardware acceleration but I really want to get higher resolution. I've tried NVinject, NV go inject, nv darwin and some other stuff - the just cause kernel panic.


Why was mac vidia 1.0.7 working on 10.6.0 but isn't anymore on 10.6.4?


my laptop is Asus F3M with AMD Turion x2 and GeForece Go 6100

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