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Problems with Highpoint RocketRaid 2304 PCI Express x1 eSata card


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Hello, there!


I have a weird problem I can´t figure out myself:


I am running a Q6600 based 8GB hackintosh system (Gigabyte P965 DS4) with OSX 10.5.8 (original source is Kalyway, all recent updates). It runs flawless with 8 SATA discs (no more IDE drives present and switched off via BIOS) and my 3 external eSata drives hooked up via a Highpoint RocketRaid 2314 PCI Express x4 card. The system boots fine, runs fine, no real problems at all in the last 1.5 years. Now, I got my hand on a Hihgpoint RocketRaid 2304 PCI express x1 eSata card, which is basically the same as the above mentionned one except for the slower PCI Express connection.


I tried to swap cards and running the 2304 instead, but what happens is that the system no longer boots at all. The log shows "Waiting for root device", all Sata discs are disconnected (klick sound) and nothing happens no more. All PCI express x1 slots (three I got) are working, the 2304 card works, too (checked in a PC), so I have no idea at all what is causing this trouble and stalling my system. The drivers for 2314 and 2304 are the same, although it doesn´t matter, as the system stalls way before it loads the drivers anyway.


Any help or hint is appreciated.

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