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Retail SL 10.6.2 freezes (multi-colored spinning wheel)

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thanks to this guide, I finally managed to install SL 10.6.2 on my Asus P5QL-E + ATI HD4670.


But I'm facing a problem which causes the system to be nearly unusable:


From time to time, the system freezes and the mouse cursor shows a multi-colored spinning wheel. No disk activity. It is not a hardware/performance problem. Maybe BIOS settings or kext related. Have no idea.

After a while (usually less than a minute), the system is running fine again...until next freeze !


For example, the problem can occurr when importing video from my HDV camcorder with iMovie. And the import process stops after only 2 minutes of tape captured.


Did you already had such a problem with your hackintosh ? How did you solve it ?


Note: I don't have such a problem with my virtual SL (10.6.3) running on Win 7 under VMware Player 3 on the same hardware.

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