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UD7 and GTX285, no picture!?

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Just built a new system based on the X58-UD7 and have a problem, I just get a black screen when I have my GTX285 installed, no OS installed yet.


So I tried to figure out what could be wrong and doublechecked all the hardware, removing RAM stick by stick etc. etc. and finally I got a hold of a 8400GS card, switched to that one and voila I have a picture on my screen an can get into BIOS, so I thought that GTX285 must be defect....


Ordered a new GTX285 and put that in the box....but NO same problem again, no picture!


With the first GTX285 the normal error code sequence went through and stopped on FF but no picture, with the new GTX285 the error sequence stops at 26.


There seems to be some kind of signal though, because the screen goes in and out of power save mode.


Please help my I'm going crazy! smiley.gif



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