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Chameleon stopped working on HDD

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I built my computer just over a month ago and had a dual boot working fine . I upgraded to corsair dominator memory in order to OC and also switched vga card from 512mb to 1gb, and now my dual boot won't work.


My computer won't boot from Chameleon installed on the drive. It will however boot from my chameleon flash. I have tried reinstalling chameleon numerous times, and used terminal to make sure the partition is active.


my bios are set with sata set to AHCI

acpi set to S3(STR)

HPET mode to 64-bit mode


My attempts to troubleshoot are just going backward. Cmos keeps resetting even with apple RTC kext. My graphics card is making a terrible squeak noise, which the old one also made, but had gone away randomly with a kext change.


One step forward five steps back :(

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