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InputRemapper 1.04 + Unibody i7 MBP + Win7 64bit experience


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Hi everyone,


I've been a long time user of input remapper, in fact, I find Windows unusable without it. I've stuck with my 2008 MBP and WinXP for the sole reason of using InputRemapper but alas it was time to move on.

After reading all the threads about people's issues with Win7 and unibody MBPs, I have to say I've had many reservations about moving on but as XP won't support 8GB of ram and it's really getting long in the tooth, I had no choice.


I'm happy to report that with Win7 Pro 64bit and Bootcamp 3 (drivers from snow leopard), Input remapper will not break your Win7 install. It will not remap your keyboard or be able to read the light sensors, in fact the only thing it has allowed me to do is control the fans, and that's good enough for me now.


Hopefully Beliyaal will release and update soon.


My Specs:

Win7 64bit

Bootcamp 3 drivers

Unibody i7 MBP 17"

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