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The Perfect OS X86


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I'm trying to work on a new high-end configuration on dual boot WinXP and Mac OS X. I've made two trys already, both using the 10.4.5:


- Gateway E-Series

Intel D845PESO

Intel P4 2.8GHz Prescott

512MB DDR 333MHz RAM

nVidia generic 32MB GPU

Samsung 40GB IDE 5400RPM Primary HD

Western Digital IDE 250GB 7200RPM Secondary HD

Lite-ON generic DVD-ROM

Samsung generic CD-RW


- Custom made

Intel D945GTP

Intel Pentium D 930


nVidia/Gigabyte 6200 PCI-E 256MB GPU

Western Digital 160GB SATA 7200RPM Primary HD

Western Digital 250GB IDE 7200RPM Secondary HD

Pioneer DVR-110 DVD-RW

Samsun generic CD-RW


Both installs have done their job pretty well! But both of them have had trouble with network and sound. On both cases networking was fixed with a cheap SMS network card and for the audio I used an external USB notebook sound card, cheap one too...


Any way, what I'm lookin forward to, is upgrading once again, in order to make the best performing Mac OS X86! I'm basically just an amateur, with no much knowledge about advanced computer stuff. I can install the OS and upgrade my system, but have no idea on overclocking, programming, code writing and other stuff, so I don't like to use any hardware that doesn't work right out of the box.


What components do you think I should use? I plan on buying a new MoBo in order to do some overclocking to the CPU, but I could also start again from scratch! Money's not an issue, I just want the best there is! So: which Processor, MoBo, GPU, RAM, HD and other components would you recommend?


Don't be shy to suggest!

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It's been a while since I posted ...... so if something has changed let me know. Actually those are not the best choices right now. Core Duo does not work properly with the kenel now used. You must disable one of the cores in bios. The 1600 may have problems with some mouse tearing.


As has been posted many times before the best combo seems to be a Asus P5LD2-VM or Intel 945gntlkr mb with built in Intel 950 graphics and a pentium d. It seems that the 900 and 950 graphics are the only systems that support dual, spanning displays. They seem to be the only video "card" supported fully supported in X86.


There are few, if any mb/cpu combos that work perfectly. Most have some sound input or output issue.

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Buying a Mac would be the easy way... Not much fun!


Besides, I bet my system, as it is right now, can compare to a dual core G5 with no much problem and for less than half the price... Photoshop and Flash work like I've never seen before! Actually, my sis has been coming to my place to render some Maya and seems to work way smoother than the G5 she's got at work. But I still want to go further... I'm thinking about doing an overclock, water cooling for it, finding some way to run raid 0 on 4 hd's still using dual boot... I'm not here to admire a system, but to build my own!


By the way, bought two 74.6 GB raptors this weekend... Got them running Raid 0 on windows and it's fast as hell!!! I just became aware that there are 15000rpm hd's, but they work on SAR or SAS or something like that; I had never heard of it. Does anyone know if there's some way of using this on a mac? As far as I've checked, they are used in servers, but that's as musch as I know.

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