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an alternative to PCIe hardware raid

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has anyone of you tested hardware raid cards that are not connected via PCIe? i found a model that is connected via sata. the company is advertising with:


- os independent (cause raid is connected via sata and is recognized as a normal sata disk)

- raid on a chip (real hardware raid)




i like especially the DC-5220:


- very cheap (40-50 USD)

- only 2 hdds and only raid 1, 0, BIG, JBOD, SAFE33 und SAFE50


so this sound like a perfect solution for people like me, that are just looking for a hardware raid 0 for their system disk.


i only found a german product page, so sorry for that, but i would like to know if someone made experiances with this types of raid card.





i contacted the customer support and they said that this should work with every operating system, like a real hardware raid. so maybe i will give it a try. anyways, it would be nice to know if someone already tried this.

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