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Overclock Application for NVidia 9800 GTX+

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Hi guys,


Actually my problem is that i need to UNDER clock my video card.

When i´m at a game, i see some sparkles, strips all over the screen.


In windows i use Rivatuner to set my 9800 GTX+ Frequency to a lower one and this works pretty well.


Now, that i installed Snow Leopard, i have to also set the frequeny to a lower one.


Is there any application for overclocking VGA that can do that trick ???



Thank you,



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I don't think that's possible on OS X.


What you can do is edit your video card's BIOS with nibitor and permanently set the clock speeds lower.







Eu fiz isso na minha Ati e funcionou mt bem, mas teve um usuario q eu indiquei esse procedimento, ele fez e nao funcionou, ele disse que o cooler continuou na mesma velocidade.


As minhas placas eu sempre edito assim, cooler e o overclock direto no bios e funciona mt bem


mas esse cara nao conseguiu


vc saberia o q pode estar acontecendo?


desde jah agradeco


desculpe estar me expressando em portugues, Ingles nao é o meu forte



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I don't know, I've never done any video BIOS editing myself.


But I heard other people who did it were unable to change fan speed as well. The clock frequency changes work though, at least as far as could be verified in Windows. I guess it's possible that graphics power management on OS X could override the fan speed set in the BIOS.


There's been some work lately on getting fakesmc to read motherboard and video card sensors on OS X over at the Project OSX forums, I'm definitely keeping an eye on it:


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in my works well, has good temperature continues


I had to edit, the cooler comes in 20% of its speed


and the temperature reached 100 degrees


I used CPUZ, RBE AND WinFlash

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