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Trying to get AppleHFS to load in BartPE

Riley Freeman

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I have a BartPE disc that I use for repairs and malware removal and last night I thought it might be cool to add the Snow Leopard HFS drivers from Boot Camp to it. I've added the AppleHFS and AppleMNT files from Boot Camp 3.1 and their related registry entries (pulled from my MacBook's XP registry) but when I boot into the BartPE session (XP SP3 with XPE shell) it doesn't pick up my OS X partition. In Disk Management it shows up as an unknown partition.


Basically what I'm trying to figure out is what dependencies the AppleHFS and AppleMNT files might have that I'm missing. There's nothing in the Event Viewer to give me any clue. I don't need the whole Boot Camp package installed, just the bare minimum to get the HFS reading support.

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