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BootLoader; Problems with BOOT orders

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Hi, first topic, but i'm pretty sure mine's a unique one.


Here's the story:


I have the basic command line Chameleon BootLoader that came with the iPC installation.

I have System Reserved Partition

I have Windows 7 Partition

I have MAC OSX Leopard Partition


So, on boot, it gives me the three options:


(1) System Reserved

(2) Windows 7

(3) MAC OSX Leopard


For some strange reason, when I want to load windows 7 and I choose the Windows 7 partition, it doesn't allow me to boot (saying there is no bootmanager or something, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart).

But when I choose System Reserved, it boots =s

Now, this, for me isn't a real problem, as if i install the new RC4, then I can hide the Windows 7 faulty boot and rename System Reserved to Windows 7.


I had a previous problem where I couldn't boot MAC OSX so I used EasyBCD to add the MAC OS partition. But, it didn't work and I couldn't remove it. So I have, when I choose System Reserved, the Windows Bootloader, which has the options WINDOWS 7 and MACOSX Leopard, where if I choose WINDOWS 7, it boots fine but if I choose MAC OSX then it won't work, saying something about NST.


My question is;


(a) Is it possible to remove the Windows 7 Bootloader, so that it'll boot straight to Windows 7

(going into msconfig shows no boot options).


(a) Update Chameleon without losing Windows 7 Boot (as it previously did).


it's a little confusing but i've tried to explain as best I could.


Thanks =)

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