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Realtek RTL8187B


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Ok so I have the same wireless card so all you do is go to this website:




and go to the and of the page where you see RTL8187B and the section under Mac OS X and download the newest version.


Then go through the installer and install. After that you need to go to your Leopard drive and go to System/Library/Extensions/ RTL8187B.kext


Open up the RTL8187b.kext with a program called Text Wrangler.


In Text Wrangler you will see Info.plist. Open that up and find the number 33161 and replace it with 33175.


The save the kext and open it up again with Kext Helper b7 and install it. You will need to restart it.


**Once restarted you might have to go to your mac drive again and find a new folder there called Backup Extensions. Open that folder up and install the RTL8187b.kext with Kext Helper b7. Restart your computer again.**


Then when your computer is rebooted you open up Realtek USB Utility or it might open up by itself and go to your system preferences and to the network icon and enable the connection.


Then you have Wi-Fi!!


:( Im using this method.

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