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Problem with usb device when shutdown


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Hello, i have a little problem with my usb devices...

Everything works perfectly, but when i shutdown the computer devices dont shutdown.


I dont know if "shutdown" is the exact word, maybe standy is... normally when i shutdown my pc (with win or linux) my external hard disk umounts and then his light fades off.

With my hackhintosh light remains on and the disk seems mounted!

If I unmount it when i shtudown it is remounted (disk becomes noisy).


If I toggle usb2 support from BIOS the disk(s) behaves normally, so it is probably something related to usb2 drivers..


I tried installing some kexts (AppleUSBE/O/UHCI) and changing my IOUSBFamily with another more recent but the problem remains!


Any help is very appreciated!


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