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Upgrading from Tiger to Leopard with Much Pain

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I've run a pretty healthy Tiger installation on one of my older PCs. Now that we're at OS X v10.6.3, my friends have begun to call me a pussy for not taking the leap to run Leopard.


Since I've seen many people swear by iPC, I figured it would be the best build to try.

I emptied my secondary disk, set it to primary and HFS+ through diskpart, formatted the drive through Disk Utility, and gave it a run.


And nothing booted. After any installation the startup utility can't even seem to find the partition where the OS was installed.


I'm running a 2 GHz P4 Processor on an Intel D845GBV motherboard (Intel 845 Chipset). I have a separate Creative audio card and an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro AGP Video Card. I'm running a CNET ethernet adaptor too.


I knew from experience that drivers are the last thing that someone worries about on any hackintosh install... so I just stripped everything down to what I needed.


iPC OSx86 10.5.6

Kernel: 9.5.0 Voodoo

Chipset: I had no idea what to pick for this... None of the ones listed seem applicable to my hardware. I don't really need any of the chipset to work since I have pretty solid alternatives built in. (I never use the video for instance and rarely use the audio.)

Video: ATI Radio 2600 Pro AGP

Audio: None

Ethernet: None

I also installed seatbelt.kext


I'm almost certain that the issue is with the chipset, or perhaps I'm using the wrong kernel?


Tiger installation was infinitely smoother than this (for understandable reasons.) 845 chipset out of the box. That one only took me two attempts. Leopard is a whole different story: the next one will be my 7th for Leopard. ;)

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