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OC'ing = Low geek bench score


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I have just recently buily my first hackintosh with x58a-ud34 + i7-920 & Corsair Dominator 1600 ram (6gb), 10.6.2, Install Method Kakewalk, only manually installed KEXT is Realtek Lan.


When I run Geekbench on a stock system (no bios mods) I get a sore of about 8200, not bad but as you all know can be improved upon. So setting myself the mission to do just that I have been teaching myself how to OC. Much trial and error later I am getting successful boots and a stable OS however my Geekbench socres are confusing. When I am OC'ing the system, no matter what I have done, the Geekbench score always comes in lower than when not OC'ing. EG. last time OC to 3.6Ghz and everything is stable but Geekbench come back with a score of 5000&something! Reset the BIOS back to factory and back to over 8000 again! I am quite sure its not me so it have to be something with the OS?


I have looked all over the internet, forums; you name it, but nothing that I have found helps. If anyone has any idea why this is happing please let me know!

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