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NVidia Geforce Go 6800 blues on a Dell 9300 (read can't load to a login promt)


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Christ, I've tried HotIso and JAs and well....Jas at least lets me boot upto "starting Mac OS X" but freezes. I did a -V and find out it has to do with the Geforce.kext and i download the latest drivers. People are telling me to setup for a default vesa so I can get into a graphical environment but no one can tell me how :P. I take the drivers and make a fat32 partition and put them on that. Then I boot with a -s and back up all the nvidia drivers and put the new ones on of the fat32 partition. Then I notice that everything is case sensitive and I have to fix that......dammit. Still no dice.


What iso should I use?


How do I set os X to just use the default vesa mode?


Anyone else used a dell 9300?

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