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10.4.6 DVD install from external HDD


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Hello all,


I'm kind of a newbie. I had previously installed OSX 10.4.1 (deadmoo) on my HP (AMD64) laptop but didnt get half the hardware to work, So dropped the effort and got SuSe 10. I recently (couple of weeks old) bought a Macbook Pro :pirate2: and now have a Tiget-intel DVD. I saw a post that says that I cant install directly from this DVD as HP wont recognise it as a boot disk due to the EFI/BIOS thing :P . So here is my question is it possible to install 10.6 on an external HDD from my Mac and then do a diskcopy into my HP HDD and make it run like a default. What else do i need to do to make my HP run OSX 10.6 short of getting the JaS DVD (some how cant get my hand on it)



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