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Opengl Games with X86 10.4.7/ATI/Callisto ?


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Sorry if this post is a little noob powered but

i have installed 10.4.6+10.4.7 update

and i've succesfully installed Callisto 003 for my radeon 9700 card,

i have 1280x800 and QE/CI supported (panel about this mac report it Working)

i've modified my Info.plst and changed my video driver to RADEONFRAMEBUFFER for make 1280x800 working.


I try to use command and conquer general .. but the game launch but is really really slow like it was software rendered ....


Does it come from Rosetta? (not universal binary i think) or a misconfiguration ?



Thanks and sorry if there is not enough informations ..

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Well ..


another question :D

DOes someone have successfully make work a game on hackintosh (like world of warcraft or other 3d intensive) ?


Wow works in full speed, warcraft works too but emulated. And Command and conquer generals works fine. As well as Unreal Tournament 2004

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