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CPUID patching

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Hey again guys~


Installed SL, everything is running great except for a few programs such as iTunes, etc and some segmentation errors. From what i understand its because i need to patch my CPUIDs. I have marvins amd utility and made a list of all the binaries in my / volume, it found about 12 binaries and about 30 "cpuids". Every install i do and kernel info i look at says to patch them due to lack of on-the-fly CPUID patching.


Just need some clarification on what patching CPUIDs does, why i need to do it, how often to do it, and a simiple breakdown on how to use marvin's AMD utility to patch them. from what i understand it's a 4-step process. Im not a newbie by any means so dont be afraid to get technical


10.6.0 w/ server package ripped from hazard's client/server 10.6.2 dvd

ATI HD4850

Athlon 4200+

Chocolate Kernel

JmicronATA chipset w/legacyJMB patch

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