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problems post instalation


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fisrt of all when i reboot after instalation, everything goes ok in the boot, enters into the welcome video and then a error apears, so thing from the login window error.


i try to reboot again and my disk cant be detected (still waiting for root device), odd.


i cant enter into single user mode and verbose shows me nothing.


I installed Jas 10.4.6 dvd with patches downloded from demonoid.


My computer:

AMD Sempron64 2500+ (installed AMD SSE2 support)

Motherboard MSI K8N-Neo3 Nforce4

HDD Sata (patched with NForce sata via patch)

Video Ati Radeon x300se



so.. there is, two problems that i cant resolve... anyone can help me with this?

thanks :)

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fixed "still waiting for root device" with the code from this post



but still the login window crash and then loop the welcome video again

any ideas?



this is what appears in my screen over and over:

localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow: Login Window Aplication Started



seems to be a problem with the video card meaby


please help.. thanks :P

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seems i need to move / remove the ati kexts to properly work with some vga compatible kext.


if its that... ill leave here the code to fix the sata problem and the login problem just for historical purposes


Sata Fix:

Reboot from the Install DVD and enter to the terminal and type in order this:

(asuming that my os installed path is named Lyoko)

mount -a
/Volumes/Lyoko/usr/sbin/chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/Lyoko/System/Library/Extensions/
touch /Volumes/Lyoko/System/Library/Extensions/


to move temporaly the ATI kexts:

and just in case removed GeForce kexts too

mv /Volumes/Lyoko/System/Library/Extensions/ATI* /Volumes/Lyoko/private/var/root/
mv /Volumes/Lyoko/System/Library/Extensions/GeForce* /Volumes/Lyoko/private/var/root/


then reboot


anyways i got a Setup Assistant Crash error.

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ok i fix the error (rarely)


i forgot that my procesor have sse3, and i forgot to install the base amd patched 10.4.6


now works fine


but i need to still do the "sata fix" thing every time i turn on my pc...


please help me with that




in other things... i made work my ati x300se with callisto drivers and my ethernet nforce4 with the forcedeth.kext driver


plase help with the sata stuff


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its seems it need to be loaded the AppleVIAATA kext to made the magic for the applenvidianforceata


i dont know how to load it in the boot process...


ill try for a while some experiments and post the results here

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i cant find a answer yet, but i solve temporaly the boot process with

this few lines in the terminal


sudo -s
touch /System/Library/Extensions


everytime y turn on my computer and enter in the osx


hope somebody help me with this and hope some code from here help others :D

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to make the VIA NFORCE SATA magic work, we need to move the AppleVIAATA.kext to the IOATAFamily.kext and this will make to load the kext in the boot process.


first, need to be enabled

sudo -s
cd /System/Library/Extensions
chown -R root:wheel AppleVIAATA.kext
chmod -R 755 AppleVIAATA.kext


the we need to move this

mv /System/Library/Extensions/AppleVIAATA.kext /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns


and then we clean the kext cache

rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache



i modified after all seems ok the com.apple.Boot file to the the graphic apple in the boot process :)

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