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I used the guide on this site to install osx 10.4.6 using the HOTiso from a torrent. Everything went smoothly til it came time for it to actually install the files for the OS. I went to bed and in the morning it was only at 8% with 32 some hours remaining. I read into some of the other peoples troubles they encountered and i tried some of the tips i saw to boost some speed. I understand its going to be a long install but i didn't read anyone really hitting over 3 hours. Most of my hardware is compatible from the lists i was reading, although noone said anything about my motherboard. Maybe i missed something, if anyone has any advice i'd love to hear it.


I'm running an amd 64 4000+, 1gb kingston ram (2x512), gigabyte k8n ultra 9 mobo w/ onboard altec ac97 sound, evga geforce 7800 GT, 3hd, 1 sata wd 80gb, 1 ide maxtor 200gb, 1 ide maxtor 54krpm 40gb which is the install drive i have setup for osx.


Tell me what you think...

thanks in advance



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