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Very poor battery life with 10.4.6 and 10.4.7


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I've installed 10.4.6 on a Sony Vaio SZ (dual-core 1.83Ghz, GMA950, 945GM chipset) which is very similar to the macbook hardware. No improvement with 10.4.7


After just about 30 minutes running on battery, the battery has about 20% left of its original charge. There's definitely something wrong there.


Also with the extra patch to activate the battery status in the menu bar, the value displayed isn't being refreshed once the machine has booted. It always display the same thing. However, in the System Profiler, MacOS detects properly what kind of battery I have, its capacity and weither the AC adaptor is plugged or not.

I'm not sure if those two problems are related but it's very annoying.


Also I can't put the machine to sleep, the screen turns black but the HD and CPU fan are still active, only the screen is turned off. After that, I can't restart the machine I have to hard restart it.


Any ideas what I could do to fix those issues?


Thank you


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