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ipc osx86 installation complete (dual boot) but need expert help

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Hi, i have just finished installing iPC osx86 on a partition and managed it to dual boot with windows 7, but there is something bugging me...

On the installation, i followed a step by step guide, but where it was supposed to ask me what kexts and packages to install, it didnt, it just installed by itself all the way.

Now when i load into leopard nothing works... i already found the keyboard and mouse package inside the cd and ran it from the OSx.. but i dont know what else to install, or if it has installed some packages on its own, because i tried to install nvDarwin for my video card and now all i get is a black screen, i suppose this is because another driver was there before?


I would appreciate some help on what direction to take now.

Thanks a lot

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I managed to take away the black screen by deleting nvDarwin.kext through commands...

Ive looked into system/extensions, and i have every extension there, all the ATI all the Nvidia... every single one of them... do i have to do a clean installation just with the kexts for my pc, or can i remove the ones i dont need frm there?



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