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NEED HELP, switched BT dongles now my mouse is sooooo slugggggissssshhhhh


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So I switched BlueTooth dongles, because the MS Transceiver did not work in Snow Leopard. Now even though the new one is recognized both in SL and in my 10.5.8 installation, it has major "lagging" issues.


I've got the following:


Leopard 10.5.8 running

Intel D945GCZ MB with Pentium D

PNY 9500 GT 512MB QE/CI working

ICH7 AHCI fully operational

Stac9220/9223 Audio partially working (still trying to figure things out)


Mouse was working great with MS BT dongle, but not in SnowLeop install

Now have a $2 dongle from eBay which is identified as a "Cambridge Silicon Radio" chipset by OSX, Dafron by WinXP



Tried removing AppleUpstreamUserClient kext, as recommended on one post, but no change.


Please help, I'm really getting frustrated here.


By the way, after a few minutes the mouse (MightyMouse) seems to be getting life again, but then a minute later the sluggggissshness comes back.

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