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ATI 9200 Mobility (M9)

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I cannot obtain the resolution 1280x800


In this topic the member just_a_mac_user said that the other (Dell Inspiron 8500 ATI 9000 M9 ) is lets say "problematic" but I have had it go finally to 1280x800 wit a lot of force loading other drivers.


That other drivers???


I tried rename ATIRadeon9700 to ATIRadeon8500 and move to MacOs in 8500 kext, nothing...


I tried with ATIRadeon9700 and ATIRadeon kext....


Other members obtain that resolution renaming or deleting Radeon kext directories, I did without results...


help me, please



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same here - the closest i got was 1600x1200 by adding 1920x1200x32 into com.apple.Boot.plist. if there is a setting in your bios for display scaling or video expansion, disable it and you will have near-native resolution with black bars on the side. agreed, widescreen would be nice. anyone have any advice?

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