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Question about verbose mode messages.


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There are quite a few verbose mode messages that I don't fully understand, but have managed to move on without the knowledge. :blink:


I haven't found any threads detailing what to ignore and what to take note of in a verbose listing, and would like to know about the following message in particular.


Skipping duplicate extension "name of extension" with older/same  version (n.n.n -> 9.9.9)


How does OSX handle this warning? Is the first extension encountered, the one that is loaded and subsequent ones skipped? Or is the extension with the highest version number loaded (this would explain why all extensions in the Extra/Extensions.mkext are given a version number of "9.9.9"), and lower numbered ones then unloaded?


Also, I've noticed that some extensions in my Extensions.mkext have "-1" after their name. Is this because I may have forgotten to delete the mkext file before issuing a kextcache command?


And finally, I've noticed the following items in my S/L/Extensions.mkext file:


 Mach - com.apple.kpi.mach (9.8.0)
mach-1 - com.apple.kernel.mach (7.9.9)

Libkern - com.apple.kpi.libkern (9.8.0)
libkern-1 - com.apple.kernel.libkern (7.9.9)

iokit-1 - com.apple.kernel.iokit (7.9.9)


What are they?

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