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Need Help with my Installation!


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Hi guys,

i am kind of a total noob!

I really need help with my installation of leopard,(or maybe snow leopard if my computer can handle it)

I got it installed and it worked for a bit but Quartz did not work so i could not use iMovie which i really like. And my dualboot was just not working. Can someone give me a small guide for my pc on how to install the stuff correctly.


This is my pc:

Medion MD8833

Intel Quad Core q6600

Nvidia 8600GT 256 mb

3 gb ram.

500 gig HDD

sounds works fine and internet also.

I have win7 installed now. this is how my partitions are.


System Reserved NTFS 100 mb

C:/ Windows 7 NTFS 465 gb


i just have 1 hdd. so the partitions are on disk0


I would really be thankfull for you guys!!


(sorry for my bad english)

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