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Flickering with LCD monitor LG W2361V

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i've got a (nearly) perfect installation of Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.8 (iAtkos).


The only thing which is totally annoying, is the flickering with my monitor.


First I thought it was a driver error, but then i installed new kexts and a power fix and there's still the flickering.


Then i realized that it could be my monitor (LG W2361V).

Refresh rate is 59hz (win7 also and no flickering).


I think i have to calibrate my monitor for OSX. But was sitting 3 hours calibrating the monitor yesterday and still no success...


Do you have any tipps for me? Its really annoying and the only point which force me to boot up my win7... If this is solved, i dont have to boot windows again because I really love OSX!


Thanks in advance!




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