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strange boot/jumper problem


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hey all,


so quite awhile ago i installed retail leopard to my hackintosh: specs below.

i got everything working quite well even the apple update worked, (except for audio problems).

whenever i want to change between windows and mac however i go to my bios and have each os's settings saved so i switch between each one and it boots fine. Now though whenever i boot my computer i and go to the bios, it says my primary ide master is either undected or some weird number or the correct number same with the slave, if the numbers are incorrect (non recognized) it fails to boot (i have chamelon boot loader) and goes to something that says blah blah "cannont find hal.exe" its goes to that dispite wheter i try go to mac or windows. I may have attempted to switch the jumpers on the hard drives around thinking i knew what i was doing .. lol


any help is appreciated! thank you

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