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how do you get rid of chameleon


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Have spent 10 hours on google and this forum.

Cant find any info as to how to remove chamelon or EFI boot loader.


I have a XPS M1530 with 3 partitions

1. Win 7 Partion (Active)

2. XP partion

3. Empty Partion to load OSX on.


When I boot from the 132 CD and then insert the MAC DVD. I get a kernel panic.

It looks like chamelon or EFI boot loaded have some corrupted settings / kexts which are preventing me from re-installing.

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You're not making sense.


If the partition is empty, how can there be anything installed on it? It has no filesystem.

On which partition did you install the bootloader that you want to get rid of and how can there be any kexts if you didn't place them there yourself? Did you use an automated installer or did you install manually from Terminal?

If the kernel panic is caused by incompatible kernel extensions, then those are probably on your Boot-132 CD.


Anyway, you cannot install retail on an MBR formatted drive without modifying the install DVD first.

This is one way to do it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181287

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