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Can I install Snow Leopard or Leopard on PackardBell ixtreme M5720

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Hi guns, I'm new in Apple's World and I'd like to install snow Leopard on my PC. My Pc with relative informations is in the signature. I have a PackardBell ixtreme M5720 and when I insert "Leopard's" Kalaway's disk or other distros, like iDeneb or iAtkos, and I active verbouse mode, them all crashes and the installation didn't start! I'd like to know what is the problem and I hope you don't close this topic as other times, because I don't understand why it don't works. I give you some questions too:


1) What is the best relase for my hardware?

2) Is my PC incompatible?


I hope you "save" me, thanks for everything!

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