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Going from Leopard to Snow with DFI Blood Iron P35-T2RL

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I'm stuck! :)


I've been running leopard on this machine for a year or so, and I've tried updating to SL without much luck. It's my birthday tomorrow, so having Snow Leopard for my birthday would be nice! :mellow:


My Hackintosh has "evolved" into its current working state! I started with an iAtkos install, but since then I have a DSDT patch here, and other fiddled kexts there, the sound now works, and it's running vanilla Kernel. I'm not exactly sure of everything I've done though as it's been in dribs and drabs! I'm trying to get to Snow Leopard but it's not happening very well. What kexts/boot.plist/DSDT file can I use from my current install? Are any compatible or do I need new boot.plist etc due to leopard drivers being 32bit and Snow 64bit? Do I need an SMBIOS or AppleHDA patch of a new file?


I've been attempting this with a 16GB USB key, a retail DVD, and my DSDT file from the Leopard install. After the USB key boots with chameleon, after the options it then gives me a Kernel panic. :(


Any tips on what thing causes this? Any quick reminders and pointers for a forgetful out-of-touch ex-n00b? Anyone got any files that would help for my stuff detailed below? What's the minimum things I need on my USB key/new partition? Can't find many posts on this mobo, although it should be similar-ish to a few of the popular ones out there.


Other things to note:

  • Every time it does this KP it resets all my BIOS settings to default.
  • I have my leopard install on a separate drive so I can experiment as I like with it.
  • I have a 2nd partition with a copy of my current basic Leopard install, so I can experiment with that to work out what's doing what, without breaking my important drive, in case this is only working from custom or disabled kexts that I'm not aware of.
  • My leopard works fine, but I notice it's often noticeably slower at opening things up than a friends 2.53GHz macbook pro with leopard on. Is this to be expected due to the BIOS-EFI interpretation, or other good reasons, or is there something making this current install run a bit slow. What might it be? Thought this might help pinpoint any other issues I have going on...

Once I can get it booting into Snow by itself from the HDD, I can then iron out any other problems myself (probably)!





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