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Problem Vmware3

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Hi to all.

Sorry for my bad english :)


I have a problem.

I have Windows XP SP3 on Disk0s1

I have SnowLeopard 10.6.3 on Disk0s2


Start perfect with Chameleon.


I have a second HD Disk1s1 ( filesystem MAC OS extended Journal )

I use it like an archive.


I start SNOW LEOPARD and:


With Parallels and windows XP sp3 with Emule I can write and I can See the Shared folder in my HD archive.


I can see the shared folder in my computer and in emule-->options-->Folder-->shared Folder



Now I try Vmware 3.x

I try with windows XP Sp3 and after with Windows 7, but


I can see the Shared Folder in my computer and I can read and write in HD archive, but in Emule

in emule-->options-->Folder-->shared Folder


I can't see Z: ( the shared folder, and I can't select folders to share my files)


I hope you understand my big problem.


Can you help me , please?


Thank you to all for your time.


Bye bye.

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