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Snow Leopard Retail

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Hello all,

I'm currently running iPC fully updated to 10.5.8 I believe and I want to make the jump to Snow Leopard. My question is would it be easiest to do a retail install since I'm already running 10.5.8 just fine? And if in the process of doing a retail install, will that effect my patches to get my sound and video working or are there patches for that? Or will the same patches work regardless?


Thanks again everyone!



Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R Intel P45

Intel Core 2 Duo E7600

4GB G.Skill DDR2

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There aren't really any Snow Leopard distros, so you can pretty much ONLY retail install, at least that's how I see things right now.


I figured. Which I'm ok with but my question is, can I do a pure retail install since or do I have to do the majority of the hacking all of the guides recommend? I'm assuming it's not a simple software update.

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