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AMD Phenom x2 OSX Build help

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Hello everyone!


My Macbook finally broke down on me yesterday.


I've put together an AMD build, I want to keep it as cheap as possible as my budget is VERY small, maximum of 6000kr(~600eur)

The current below is 5500kr (including the case which I haven't listed below.)

Will this be compatible with OSX? If not, can you guys maybe help me out put something solid together?

The reason I really want to have OSX is because after having worked on my Macbook for almost 3 years I have grown very attached to the OS and especially now I'm doing Mac/iPhone development.


Anyway, this is my build:


Edit: Suppliers in Sweden would be very appreciated. (http://datorbutiken.com is one of the best as far as I know)

Edit2: Fixed the URL not working, my bad. ;x


I'm really thankful for any input I can get.. (Yeah, pretty desperate here 'till I can buy an iMac or a new Macbook(Pro) )


Thank you very much in advance,


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