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Dell Vostro 1500 Intel GMA 965 X3100 WXVGA 1680x1050


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So I have a vanilla install of snow leopard running as well as I want it to except my graphics card. I can only get vesa "no kext loaded" working. With my DSDT and the latest 10.6.2 drivers when I boot my screen shuts off completely. If I plug in another monitor it comes up as second desktop with no menu bar or dock. Everything else that I have tried just boots into a standard vesa 1024x768. Please can someone help me get this fixed. I have tried patching the DSDT file and different kext with natit.kext still no cigar. If someone could help me fix this I would be so grateful.


Here is a copy of my DSDT.



Here is a copy of the patched or my attempt at it.



Here is the dev id and rev id for my x3100 card

Device ID: 0x2a02

Revision ID: 0x000c


Please help. Thanks

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