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83° C on Quad Q9400 HackPro


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Hi all,

I'm experiencing overheating problems since I've updated my Hackintosh from Dual to Quad core.

I'll try to explain my issues as briefly as I'll can.

I've a ThermalTake Soprano Vx case with a rear 12 cm fan connected to the MB and the usual cpu fan over my Q9400.

They seems to spinning all the time but it seems not to accellerate when I start some 3d renders that rise the temperature from the usual 45/50 to 83 °C. My HackPro is up and running 24/7 and soon will be Summer with high room temperatures, so I'm worried about frying my CPU. There's any way to control the speed of the fans without hacking the kernel or install kext that could damage my perfectly stable system? My OS is a Retail Leo 10.5.7 installation


Thank in advance for any help you can give me.

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