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School Competition - Video created

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Dear community!


In the last week we (My class and me) produced a video with iMovie for a competition called "History Award". It was a school project and we were told to compare our free time activites to that of our grandparents. For Example we compared the Football World Championship of '54 and 2006. ( For general information; we are going to a german school :( )

So we made interviews with our grandparents, added some pictures and underlined the movie with music. We had just few days because our teacher told us about the competition very late.

However. Our school is called "Gymnasium Luisenschule Mühlheim" and I just want to beg you to vote for our video. So we will win the competition. Maybe you want to give some feedback, too. :(


To see the video follow this link: http://www.history.de/history-award/2010.html (It is the first Video with the green icon "History Award 2010")

To vote for our school follow this link http://www.history.de/index.php?id=634


For everyone who does not understand how to vote (because of the language) here I created a "Mini How To":


1st Part: http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/9105/screenshot1cf.png

2nd Part: http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/5917/screenshot2ve.png


Thank you very much!!!!!!!


(And I'm so sorry for that bad english, tommorow I will write a classtest :robot: )

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