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Any Windows Version is Organic

Freaky Chokra

Is Windows Organic?  

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  1. 1. Is Windows Organic?

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I think Windows is Organic. Windows XP, Wndows Vista, Windows 7. Windows 3000. Uhm, there will be Windows in 3000 right? After all Apple won't stop being conceited, and give in to making OS X for generic computers.

Till then M1cros0ft will keep copying ideas from OSX, without refining it's own code and be prone to all of the following:



It is:

  1. Worm friendly,
  2. Virus-Prone,
  3. Trojan-Loaded,
  4. Backdoor-opened(?),
  5. Self-defecating,
  6. Self-destructive,
  7. Self-degenerative


That's my two cents. :robot:



Freaky Chokra :ninja:

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