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Need help with Dell XpS M1530


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Guys here is my configuration

Dell XPS M1530, 2 GB RAM, 340 HDD, Intell Core Duo, Nvida GPU 8600. 965 Chipset.


I purchased this laptop because I was told it was a good candidate to hackintosh.


What I need help with.

a. What Bios settings to use.

Doubt areas

1. SATA or AHCI in Bios ?

(Both work when installer starts. I can see my hard disk no matter what I chose here.)

2. Speed step on or off.

3. Any custom settings like somebody said wifi catcher needs to be off.

4. Virtulisation on or off



I have a proper copy of the Mac DVD Leo

I have the 132 Boot CD. I have tried various ISOs for this from various tutorials. All fail with a OS X can not be installed on this PC.

The last error I see pertains to net card cant be found.

(Have tried turning the Lan card on and off in Bios)


First time I booted I got the msg Can not install Mac OS x On this machine.

So I tried with another 132 iso this time I only get the spinning wheel.


It looks like I need to figure out the bios setting first.

Then I need to find the right ISO for boot 132 with just the right files in it for my setup.

Then my install should go thru.

Please help. Pulling my hiar out by the roots now.


Please dont ask me to Google. Or use search.

I have spent 1 month doing just this.

Most of the guides are absurdly out dated

I have spent 8 hours straight reading macgirls guide for the XPS which has now hot 199 pages.

With most of the posts from 2008.


Update: Turns out the Disk I got is not the right disk. Its not the retail disk its a restore disk.

it says MacBook Mac OS X Install Disk1

Os version 10.5.2

disk version 1.1

Im assuming this is the wrong disc cause i read this on this forum. that if you get a can install then its the wrong version.


Ok the person I got the original Mac Disc from says there is no such thing as retail or non retail DVD.

I am able to boot the DVD. At the point where it says You cant install Mac OS X if I click on OK. I can run disk Util. I can see my hard disk. I can even run the system Profiler.

So whats with this Retail and No retail stuff.


I have a torrent download of something called


Which I plan to try next. Just not sure if my XPS M1530 can burn a dual layer disc.


There is a hack which is supposed to allow you to run the original MAC DVD that came with the Mac.

Something to do with a mod to one of the files that check the BUS Speed.

If you do this you can use this DVD is this true ?

How come its not disused or documented on this forum ?


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Well, I can't help you with your specific machine but.....I have a Dimension 4400(desktop) running 10.5.6. I tried a few distributions and computers with little success at first. You just have to keep trying........

I've had the best luck with iPC 10.5.6 final if your looking for a hacked DVD installation. My machine could not run Vanilla so I needed Voodoo Kernel anyway. I burned the image to a single layer DVD and installation was uneventful. I had a bit of tinkering to do post installation for video, audio and even a bios setting to get my DVD drive to work correctly but all in all it wasn't too bad. Now I have a Time machine backup of my system so whenever i mess something up I can just restore it :-)






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ok got the installer to run.

Now i can chose to boot to the OSX Partition or to the WIn7 or XP Partition.

Only prblem when ever I boot into OSX it comes up with a screen saying you must cycle the power.



Guess I got a few shell comands to run to sort this out.

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since you are on a laptop I bet it has something to do with the battery. I remember in the iPC installer there were "Power management" options like voodoo power and such. Have you tried any of these options?

they didn't apply for me since my Hack is a desktop.

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