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Alienware M5790 install. Some Questions


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Ok so i am trying to install this on my alienware laptop its old and i dont use it anymore so if i catch it on fire in the process no biggie.


Its a Alienware m5790 17" with Intel Core 2 T7200 2.0ghz

Ati X1800 2gb RAM.

Mother board is according to Intel's utility

Intel 945GM/GMS/940GML or Intel 945GT express


which seems rather vague but oh well.


anyway i followed lifehacker's guide to install from a flash drive well at work i didnt have a flash drive used a 8gb CF card so that may be my problem i may retry it with a flash drive. I have a snow leapord disk and i downloaded and followed the instructions everything seemed to work on my iMac that i was doing the preparations on.


so i go to edit bios, and alienware saw fit to supply me with pheonix bios system which sucks and i cant change anything. I changed it to boot from the flash card and said operating system not found. but i was not able to change any of the SATA AHCI settings. i am still looking for a solution for that. I have some DL DVD's so is there another way to install this that will get me around that. or does anyone have any suggestions on how to change this on a pheonix system


i dont really care about the functionality if everyhting will work the laptop sat in a closet for two years. I just want to try this because i am interested in maybe doing it to another system i might build as a media center. I use all mac for everything and i despise windows very existence (too many bad experiences)


i am having a hard time trying to move forward with this, there are soooo many different ways to do stuff i cannot find a definitive answer or solution to what i need to do or what tutorial i should follow. the information is over whelming


ive searched and searched but cant seem to find what i am looking for.


i will likely try this again from the begining with a flash drive to double check any mistkes i might have made but i feel the root of my problem is not being able to modify the bios appropriately. not the files being on the drive. which is why i am wondering if booting from a DVD will be a way around this.


my system currently runs windows vista and once i get OSX on it i will likely delete it. unless you think i should to that before hand.



thanks for the help guys.

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i need a way to boot with about being able to control my AHCI stuff. I cant change this on my system and i found a guide telling me how to do this but it seems like it was written by a chimpanzee. this guy skips whole steps and explains nothing.

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