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Chameleon 2 RC4 RAID boot issues

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Hi there,


so i decided that i wanted to hackintosh my HP DV9740us laptop. this laptop is different in the sense that it has the option for 2 HDDs in it. my plan is to just make it a sole OSX laptop and use VMware fusion for any windows needs I have. so i decided to go pick up a retail snow leopard install disk. I found a guide on how to do a retail install and followed that.


when it came time to partition my HDD's i decided to set it up using osx software raid to raid 0 the 2 hdds. everything installled fine and i can successfully boot into OSX using the USB flash drive the guide instructed me to set up. the problem is i wanted to make the laptop bootable without the USB drive. so i found this guide....


and followed that exactly. but im having troubles booting still.


without the flash drive plugged in, booting from the HDDs i get the following text.


Boot0: GPT

Boot0: Testing

Boot0: Testing

Boot0: Done


and then i get a flashing cursor next to the last boot0: done. and doesnt boot any further.



what could be the issue?




Jason Hill

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