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Fix for Digidesign Pro Tools 8 preventing sleep


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One of the many things that bugs me about Pro Tools is that on my OSx86 machine, after an install, my machine stops going to sleep on it's own. In Pro Tools 8, unnecessary files get installed that are looking for hardware that you may not have (For me, it's the Eleven Rack and Firewire Audio). Removing these files fixes the sleep issue.


From the Terminal, Here's what I've done for the fix:


1) Make a safe place to store these unnecessary files:

mkdir /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files

mkdir /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ PrefPanes

mkdir /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ LaunchDaemons


2) Log on as administrator:

sudo -s


3) Move the files:

mv /Library/PreferencePanes/Digidesign\ Eleven\ Rack.prefPane /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ PrefPanes/Digidesign\ Eleven\ Rack.prefPane

mv /Library/PreferencePanes/DigidesignFireWireAudio.prefPane /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ PrefPanes/DigidesignFireWireAudio.prefPane

mv /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.digidesign.fwfamily.helper.plist /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ LaunchDaemons/com.digidesign.fwfamily.helper.plist

mv /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.digidesign.elevenrack.helper.plist /Applications/Digidesign/Disabled\ Files/Removed\ LaunchDaemons/com.digidesign.elevenrack.helper.plist



In addition, there are two kext files located in /System/Library/Extensions/




However, when I removed these files and rebuilt the kextcache (manually, pfix, and kextutility), I get a kernel panic from the DigiDal.kext. I have not tried removing these kexts without rebeulding the mkext file. I also tried rebuilding the kextcache without removing the unnecessary kexts. This also causes a kernel panic. I'm not sure what Digidesign did here, but their kexts do not like being messed with.


With that said, sleep seems to work fine with the LaunchDaemons removed. ^_^

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